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A.D. Farm
Alex Davis
907-355-FARM (3276)  Palmer, Alaska
Our farm products can be found at:
The Center Market in Anchorage
>> Alaska's Only Year-round Market <<

Inside the Benson entrance
to The Mall at Sears
Wednesday:10:00am - 6:00pm through winter
Saturday: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Friday: 11:00am - 6:00pm Top Shelf Artisan Market; Palmer behind Turkey Red

A Season to Grieve
by: Julia O'Malley - Anchorage Daily News  August 18, 2012
Farming Woes Add to Family's Grief
by KTVA Channel 11, Anchorage  August 7th, 2012

Note: The Davis family can receive PayPal at:

An account for anonymous donations has been opened at
Matanuska Valley Federal Credit Union for the Davis family:
FBO Davis Family   0000135385
Alex Davis 6505 N Wolverine Rd, Palmer Ak 99645
Due to the circumstance of our lives I have decided to drop my USDA organic certification. This in no way changes
how I will be farming, it changes the amount of paperwork I have to maintain in order to keep my certification.  
A.D. Farm will continue in keeping with National Organic Practices for growing, not paperwork.
Check out our
Memorial Page for
Gideon Davis
Feb 15, 2011- July 17, 2012
Those of you wanting to make a donation to
help defray the cost of Gideon's long illness
can do so by using the links below.  
Thank you for your support.
St. Baldrick's
February 2015

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A Special Box of Pork

Put your order in now for a
#40 lb box of farm raised Pork

This box includes:
ground pork, pork sausage
pork roast, pork steak
and pork chops
Updated Weekly - Farm News:

There are 2 more markets before Christmas, that means
2 more opportunities to get a suckling pig for your
Christmas feast.  We have 7 that are unspoken for; they
range from about 12-19 lbs.

Fresh side, Italian sausage, pork chops, suckling pigs,
roast, steak, spicy sausage, hocks, and fat.

Cabbage, chieggia beets, red beets, golden beets,
Yukon gold potatoes, French fingerling
potatoes, peanut potatoes, carrots, purple carrots,
 white carrots and yellow carrots.  German butterball
Whole barley, barley cereal, roasted barley, barley
flour, barley cuscus.   

We have an excellent line-up of vendors both days so
come on by and see us at the Mall at Sears
Wednesday 10-6 and Saturday 10-4!

See you there!

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